Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Un-complicating the complicated... Unavoidable Danger

John Churcher at Creation Climbing Wall, Birmingham, UK
Made it over from the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia to do some work with John regarding sight guiding preparations for Eiger and meet up with Alex to see how she is doing in Birmingham before TCA Competition.

Alex is going through a hard time with a big decision to make that will effect her life, one way or the other. It's not the Eiger, it's bigger than that and I'm glad I made it over to give her a big ass cuddle. She needed it :) It's not a complicated decision that Alex has to make, just a dangerous one that will effect her life with MS.

Alex at Creation Climbing Centre, UK
It was hard to see Alex fighting her MS fatigue at the moment, but we had a good personal chat about things and I will be back over to go to her next physiotherapy appointment with her in a few weeks to make sure I improve my understanding of the challenges we will face before, on and after the Eiger. Luckily we managed to find time for a climb together and a satisfactory dose of me kicking her ass! Need my coaching fix!

John and Annie
Luckily I didn't have to cuddle John! We are trying to un-earth technical issues related to the pace, best methods and bespoke devices for improving my sight guiding on the Eiger. Getting there...


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