Monday, 30 March 2015

Raising Awareness Through Competition... Food for Thought.

I've just been getting aerobically fitter and working away on the Eiger project and another equally exciting project about Autism At Height (a documentary) with Jamie Owen, Suzi Rees and John Churcher.

Jamie and I entered a bouldering competition together at the Indy climbing wall this weekend to try and help raise more awareness for the Eiger Paraclimb. Jay won a spot prize and I managed to scrape a win in my catergory:'Better Looking with Age Category'.

Food for thought. Training at Stevie Hastons, Pyrenees

I'm on the bus now heading from Wales over to Birmingham for some sight calling coaching with John then we're both heading down to support the TCA Bristol by entering the competition. They are the first corporate sponsor for the Eiger Paraclimb 2015, so it will be a great pleasure to be part of their event on the 1st of April. My body still hurts from the last comp but hopefully with some decent recovery food, I  won't make an April fool out of myself in Bristol. It's worth it to raise awareness... New boots please umpire!

Handsome Footwear.

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