Friday, 10 April 2015

I've got to know you now. We may never meet again...

I got to know the Eiger when I did the North Face, but this time I've got to know her well, because this time it's not about me or my personal ego or ambitions.

When I've met a woman I thought wanted to be with in the past, I've found myself talking down my life experiences as though they were just foolin with me, but the woman I want to be with after the Eiger, 'I want to get to know her now, as if we'd never meet again'...

When I try to explain my past experiences, just looking at the physical stuff, It is hard to relate to someone, that you just want to cuddle all night, that your body was thrown out of a car through the back windscreen as the car was flipped knocking you out on the road or, that just up to the right of the car crash, a year later, on the mountain, you were thrown over three 200 foot drops in an avalanche that killed your mate. It hurts when you hit the ground from 200ft and live. Then hold your breathe for the next one...

 It's hard sometimes, living with physical traumas, but it is harder relating it to someone nice, giving and cuddly. You just want to be like a little boy underneath your past, you really don't want them to feel that stuff. But I suppose it has allowed me to live my life as if it matters more than it may have done, had I not hit the ground from so high and lived.

"I've got to know you now. We may never meet again..."


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