Friday, 3 April 2015


Well dusting off the bike. Working out the miles ahead. The play list of music that'll fuel my soul as pedals turn and turn. Got my 'I'm here!!!' clobber to keep me dry and safe.

It's what I had planned, part of the jigsaw of work to lift me higher.

Minimum of 14 miles a day if it's only to work, 24 if I'm working down at the Glasgow Climbing Centre too.

Roughly a 100 miles each week minimum. So that'll help sort me oot a bit.

Gump plans also & gym shit too.

(Stirring montage moment)

Letting go of much to give room for this. Some rest in velvet boxes, some set free into the sky.

Trying to be kind to myself at the same time as shining the boot to kick my arse.

Trying to let movement and flow carry me through pain.

Bla bla 'Pain is temporary, pride is Forever....'

So solving problems inside and out. Lightening my load, getting moving.

Trying to carve new shapes, bit by bit.

Solutions not problems

Solutions not problems



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