Monday, 2 March 2015

Eiger Filming Preparations...

When I first worked with Mark, making the "Reach Climbing Coach" film back in 2014, he struck me as one of the most genuine and down-to-earth people I'd ever met. No facade, just straight talk and honesty. His interview was one of the most raw and heart-felt I'd ever conducted. I knew right then that his (at the time) new found passion for Paraclimbing coaching was going to yield all sorts of rewards for him.

Little did I know that less than a year later he would be requesting my assistance to document his new project, Eiger Paraclimb 2015. This opportunity was the biggest compliment Mark could ever have paid me, not only did he think I was up to task, but he also respected my work enough to trust me with the project. Flattered doesn't quite cover it!

I can't wait to get my teeth in to this project. Sitting here in my office in Glasgow, a few hundred miles away from Llanberis where Mark is planning the expedition, I can't help but feel a pang of guilt that, so far, I've not been majorly involved in the planning process. I know, however, that as soon as funding is secured, kit is acquired and flights are booked, all systems will be go to capture every moment of the journey. From training days in the hills of Scotland and Wales; to packing bags and checking in luggage; from setting up camp in the shadow of the mountain; to those crucial summit shots; I'm going to be in front of the group viewing all the action through the lens, mentally editing the shots in to the masterpiece I hope to create as soon as we return from Switzerland.

Eiger Paraclimb 2015 is going to be my biggest and toughest project to date. But also my best.


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