Thursday, 19 March 2015

#AutismAtHeight... Eiger Points for Jay!

Having fun with me, myself and I on my walk home along the lakeside.
The media attention is beginning to gain momentum with the Eiger Paraclimb, and that's a necessary part of this process to highlight our message about what the human spirit can achieve on a global scale. But for me there is a personal ambition, and it is to make sure young Jay get's the best possible experience with his involvement in the Paraclimb Expedition.

Jay is one of the most courageous human beings I have come to know and his maturity in how he handled things in respect of his involvement with the Eiger Paraclimb has been commendable. I told him there was no guarantee that he will be going on the mountain as I wasn't sure I could handle any more personal pressure and so we left it at that and so he would enjoy being part of the expedition at base camp and enjoy his Switzerland experience.

Jay experiencing free climbing at height... 10 Eiger points!

But from the beginning when I came up with the notion of climbing the Eiger with paraclimbers, Jay and I had the conversation about wither he would or would not be going up the mountain with me. Jay deserves this chance and I told him back then, If I can and it feels right to me at the time, then we will. I expect we will climb it separately (weather permitting) after the main team. Jay is a Paraclimber within the autism category and like the Deaf Climbing community, is not able to compete internationally until the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) recognize both categories, 

But the great thing about the Eiger is, its just a big, big rock with no policies, no committees, just a big human challenge waiting on a young man with autism and the heart of a lion to get his chance to see the world from a new and international perspective. So I will train Jay on the basis of being successful. Success begets success... 

Love from Wales, UK

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