Thursday, 25 June 2015

Who Am I Now?

A year ago seems further than I can imagine. So much has changed. Now I am in a new universe, new stars above, new tides pulling. I am adrift. I really am. bedrock, storms crashing upon. Water, relentless, finding every flaw and hidden secret. My wee island, my flying, my albatross turning into blinding sun. That I can turn and find a safe place to fall to, I cannot. Safe harbour, a flicker beyond my sight.

The person I have been

I have no idea

This boat sails far from any shore

I wish I could say I am climbing out

It would appear my journey goes elsewhere first.

But I travel still.

To the Eiger.

I will switch on forces.
Forget myself, fill myself with love, let steady force flow, give with my body, give with my heart.

Maybe believe in magic again.

Magic for me..

I know I deserve it...


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