Thursday, 25 June 2015

King of everything or Just a tiny grain of sand…

Sat on the train heading out of Snowdonia possibly for the last time till after the Eiger felt weird. It feels like my Eiger has now began as I start sight guiding for John across Europe tomorrow in the Paraclimbing competitions with just short periods in UK sharing precious time with the woman I have fallen so profoundly in love with, before I land at the base of that big lump of rock and ice again ... The Eiger.

The management of this Paraclimbing project has come together well as we now speed towards the start date. The fitness levels are good and morale is growing even under the intensifying media attention, so its coming time to finally engage in what I love most about all this.

I'm not sure yet why all this truly started, but I feel its going to be alright up there...

Colin will climb out, Alex will climb through her MS, Jay will smile regardless and John will succeed in the first of his greatest adventures.

Me? I've already found what I truly wanted, more than you'll ever know...


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