Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Shall I call this fire?

To try?


Inside burns fire?

But the things


Pull me back

Pull me down

around corners unseen

If I thought of escape where to fly to...
Into the sky?
The scouring wind tearing clouds from mountains, taking dignity from flowers and trees.
Into the night?
Shadows gather in armies, pull my legs away, the fall bruising weary times.

If I was to stand and resist, fly my flag and cry out rage, but if asked 'what do you fight for?' Could I answer? know the fuel from where my defiance flows?

such a whisper though

silenced too often

Defiance; keeping going when even you stop believing, when there seems no point; that you know still there is a shred of you that never was defeated

And never will be

I will climb out

My footsteps are on the path to this. I hope from the Eiger I can see my way

I hope

I hope

I hope.


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