Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Back to Black - The Jacksonville Hut

The Mountain, Glen Coe (Photo Dave Cuthbertson)
As we prepare for our 2nd training weekend, this time in my own Glen Coe in Scotland, things seem to be coming together with the others fitness and my own. Some new equipment sponsorship coming in to help our cause and it feels to me like the group is becoming more cohesive. The final 6 weeks before we leave has to be a period of full commitment to nothing but increasing aerobic mountain fitness and endurance that will make our eyes water!

Fracture Route on Rannoch Wall age 14
The training route, Curved Ridge is a magical place. A place where Colin and I used to go most weekends at age 14 and climb the surrounding rock walls until the light of the day warned us to leave enough time to get down the 1,500ft to the black hut  of The Creagh Dhu Mountaineering Club before dark.

The Jacksonville Hut in Glen Coe

The Creagh Dhu have kindly allowed us to use their fiercely coveted black hut at the bottom of our route. I am so chuffed at this, as it will add a lot more depth to this for Colin and I as we relish in how this Eiger Paraclimb has helped bring us both back to this place together years later with so many wild experience just outside our window: soloing on Rannoch Wall together, car crashes, avalanches, Shibboleth, a hundred sunsets over Rannoch Moor and much more...

So it's back to black...


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