Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Creating A Team...

Alex 'smiler' Taylor training with me in Wales
This initial period with the Eiger Paraclimb project has been about trying to build some cohesion between the group with a spontaneous visit to Scotland to see Colin and discuss the project in person and a visit from Alex to Wales giving us an opportunity to discuss the Eiger and what it is likely to involve.

We will be a team of climbers and not a guided expedition. That is central to what we are doing and has resonance in respect of what paraclimbing is. We will all be working hard to make it work on the mountain as a team. To share the difficulty during the training periods and to share the fear and elation of standing together on top of the Eiger. It's a picture in my head at the moment, but in six months it will become a real part of our lives, with separate implications for each and every one of us. 

A journey together with risk, pain, elation and trust as we move together on the finest of alpine mountains... The Eiger.

Colin in Scotland

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